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A couple of our puppies in their new homes!

Icy & Chinook

We found Larissa and Hartmut’s Kijiji ad when we were looking for a husky and we fell in love with the puppy in the ad. She has the most gorgeous marking and is absolutely stunning. We emailed right away to make arrangements to meet and bring home our Icy. Larissa and Hartmut are wonderful to deal with they are very accommodating and helpful. They are always available to answer all my questions and gave us lots of information about raising Icy. Larissa and Hartmut consider all their puppies as part of their family and always want to hear and see how they are doing. Icy is just perfect she is so smart and learns so quickly, she is eager to please. Icy is wonderful with our children, our youngest was 15 months old when Icy came home, we also have a 4 year old, 6 year old and a 12 year old. We have been training Icy as a service dog to help our autistic son. Icy gets along great with our other dogs and our kitten. We love Icy so much and can’t imagine our life without her. In fact we will pick up our second husky (Chinook) from Larissa and Hartmut in a couple of weeks!

Milo, Nala &

We have had nothing but the best experience with Larissa & Hartmut in purchasing puppies from their yard. We have adopted three beautiful puppies from them and I would recommend anyone, any day to adopt a puppy from them!

The first puppy we ever adopted, I was living in Ontario getting ready to move to Alberta and was in search of my dream dog, a Siberian husky! I was searching kijiji daily for them and that is when I came across their add on kijiji saying they would have puppies soon and had pictures of their previous litters to view. While looking at these pictures I knew right away I wanted one of their pups. So I sent them an email right away asking a few questions and they responded back to me right away with everything I needed to know with an invitation to stop by their yard at anytime to visit their puppies. We then chatted back and forth while I was waiting for my puppy to be born and to go visit him. They were always sending us updated pictures and info on how our fur baby was doing. Larissa and Hartmut have always made us feel like a friend rather then just a costumer. When our first puppy was 3 weeks old who we called Milo, we decided to go for a visit. We then held him for the first time and immediately fell in love. We stayed there for a few hours, they were the most friendly people we have ever met. You can tell by talking to them they care about their dogs and they will not let them go to just anyone and want to know what you are like first before selling you a puppy.

After we brought home Milo at 6 weeks old, they kept in contact with us and answered all of our questions and was very helpful and supportive. When Milo was 5 months old he got loose while getting into the truck and ran on the road and was hit by a bus and was killed. This was the most traumatizing experience I have ever been through. When we called Larissa and Hartmut to let them know they were devastated but were so supportive in getting us through what we went through, they were always in touch with us to see how we were doing and mentioned that they did have another litter if we felt we needed to get another puppy. A few weeks later we decided that we just couldn’t handle it anymore and went to get another puppy from them. We then got a girl who we names Nala and after a year later we got another puppy who we named Kolby. Our dogs are now unrepeatable and are in the process of learning to pull a sled!

We still always keep in touch with Larissa and Hartmut and they are like family to us. I would never dream of adopting another husky from anyone else other then them. They are the most caring people and you can tell their dogs mean the world to them. I would recommend anyone who wants a husky and has done their research on huskies to adopt from them!


Charmayne & Frankie



We bought "chigga" aka silverboy from Larrissa & her wonderful husband. First thing I need to say is how amazing their kennels are & how well kept the dogs are. Our little boy has grown into a man now but at 8 months still knows he's a puppy & loves to show off his personality being a big tough husky yet so gentle around people. We are so happy with him & would defenetly purchase another husky from Larrissa again.

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