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About us

Hello and welcome to Larissa's Husky Western Ranch!


We live in wonderful Alberta (Canada), about 30 miles from the next town, with beautiful lakes, creeks, forests, and fields filling the distance in between. We have a large family living here on our 6-acre farm, and huskies have been a part of that family since 2007.


Siberian huskies are so fascinating because of their beauty, their complex canine disposition, and their feline habits.Every minute with this breed reveals something new. You can spend hours watching puppies or adult huskies at play, enjoying their movements and facial expressions. They make us happy with guttural sounds that are very similar to human speech. Huskies will not walk behind you on your heels, begging for attention. They are independent, but very loving and faithful. Such a dog is sure to become a member of your family.

As Huskies are a sled breed, we are interested in their placement. We do not breed specifically for show or work.The future owner decides which, if either, they will pursue. Our Siberian Huskies have the potential for both and can accomplish much in either case. We make every effort to preserve this breed. Our puppies and our dogs are our kids in the truest sense of the word, and we treat them that way from birth.

If you want to acquire a four-legged friend for your family, we suggest browsing our online photo collection; this will let you get to know and like huskies. Please feel free to write or call us to find out more about our dogs or to sign up for a puppy. Upon getting your kid, you are welcome to call us on any matters relating to your pup. We will gladly monitor the progress of our pets; and we encourage letters, stories, and photos from you.

Our purebred dogs are registered at World Kennel Club (WKC) in Smithville, Texas in the USA. All our pups come vet checked, dewormed, and injected with their first shots. As a puppy buyer, you are going to be supplied with all required vet documents; and it is possible to make a contract on puppy purchase.

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