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Can I have my puppy shipped to me?

Yes, we can and often do ship our puppies. There are two ways we do this. First we will call around and find the best price and charge you the price to ship and a $60.00 for a crate to ship your puppy in.

Second you can rent a kennel and arrange the shipping yourself and just give us the appointment time. We will ok the details to make sure we can fit it into our schedule. 

With either option the puppy must be paid for in full before we will ship your puppy.

Of course you can always come pick up your puppy and visit us in beautiful Alberta.

Is a Husky right for me?


Huskies are active dogs that will need plenty of exercise, they are best suited to people with an active lifestyle.  Huskies are very friendly dogs who love to be part of the family. Huskies require a strong pack leader in terms of training. For more information on huskies and what they need please read

Or check our Testimonials page.

Can I let my Husky run off-leash?

Huskies should never be let off-leash, we have heard too many stories where the puppy or dog was great except for that one time. That one time can have deadly consequences! Huskies have a high prey drive and they love to run. Your huskies may be miles away before they wonder where you are and they may never return. There is always the chance they will be hit by a vehicle or have some other tragedy befall them. Huskies should be kept on a leash unless you are in a fully enclosed dog park or yard. Follow the link to read a wonderful article on the dangers of trusting your husky off-leash.

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